5 Things to Consider Before Owning a Pet in Australia

Planning to own a pet in Australia? If you are a pet lover and want to own one in Australia, you will need to consider few things before you decide to do so, especially when you are an international student in Australia. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

1. Costs

As much fun the idea of owning the pet sounds, it might be too costly for some people to make that dream come true. The average costs will vary but as per ASIC (check the infographic below), average cost of dogs per year is $1475, similar costs for cats are $1029, birds $115 per year and a fish costs around $50 per year

2. Space

Some pets require more space than the others. With most of the students living as tenants, it is important to discuss with your landlord before buying a pet. Also, as the pets grow over the time, there might be a need for them to have a larger space than before.

3. Time

You would need to devote some time of your life to play, feed, nurture and care for the pets. Like little kids, pets will need lots of attention and time. Make sure you have enough time in your life to look after them.

4. Care

Do you understand how to look after the pets? Buying the pet is one thing but caring for them requires more than that. Care includes their well being, health, food and grooming as well. Who doesn’t like a well groomed pet but again, there are some details to need to keep before buying them.

5. Lifestyle

Does your lifestyle suits to own a pet? If you are too busy studying, working or going away then owning a pet might be difficult for you. Simply purchasing them from a pet shop might not be a way to go for you if you have a hectic lifetsyle.

Do you own a pet in Australia? What are your thoughts on owning a Pet as an overseas student in Australia? Share them in the comments below.