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Our Client Case Studies

Learn about how we helped our clients achieve their marketing goals across our different channels

Word from Some of Our Clients

Testimonial OSA - DoorDash
Testimonial OSA - Taxback
Testimonial OSA - Uber Eats
Gig Worker Support Service

Gig Worker Support Service

Client Need:

Victorian Government’s Gig Worker Support Service wanted to reach international students to let them know about their services and how students can benefit using them.

Our Solution:

As per the client request, we created a dedicated website pop-up and short-form video content that appealed to our audience. The content was posted on our website, and social media channels. 

More than 200,000 impressions
3,000+ Polls generated via website and socials
More than 6,400 engagements with content
More than 1,000 unique clicks
top cashback logo


Client Need:

TopCashback Australia wanted to target international students for the sign up campaign of their cashback services.

Our Solution:

Created a dedicated short-form video that appealed to our audience. The video was posted on our Instagram, TikTok and Facebook pages. 

Results on Instagram:
More than 37,000 reel plays
20,000+ accounts reached
978 interactions with content
Nearly 450 sign ups in 3 days
amber student logo

Amber Student

Client Need:

Amber Students wanted to reach international students planning to study in Australia and collect genuine leads for booking accommodation using their platform.

Our Solution:

We created a series of trending and evergreen long form videos mentioning the brand and including links to their enquiry page.

Results on YouTube:
More than 120,000+ views
2,800 hours of watch time
1,300+ interactions with content
More than 100 high quality leads in 4 weeks
idp IELTS logo

IDP Education

Client Need:

IDP Education wanted to drive awareness for and educate the market on the IELTS One Skill Retake – an offering developed for people who want to improve their overall score, without redoing all four skills.

Our Solution:

To meet the client’s need, we created a long form video with a relevant topic including client ad integration. 

Results on YouTube:
More than 68,000+ views
859 hours of watch time
39,000+ organic impressions
97% likes to dislikes ratio

Uber Eats

Client Need:

Uber Eats wanted to get new sign ups for their Uber Eats delivery platform especially after COVID 19 pandemic

Our Solution:

We created multiple pieces of content across our various platforms including a blog article, a long form video, social media posts. 

Overall Results:
80,000+ views across various channels
More than 12000 clicks
2000+ action recorded
1,500+ interactions with the content
taxback logo osa


Client Need:

Taxback wanted to get sign ups for their student webinar regarding tax returns in Australia

Our Solution:

We created a dedicated email marketing campaign for the client and shared the content across social media channels. 

Overall Results:
12,000+ email recipients
30%+ Open rate for email
Overall 400+ clicks to the landing page
Nearly 200 people registered for webinar

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