8 Airport hacks for your travel as an International student

As an overseas student, you must be travelling via planes to come from and to Australia. Here are 8 airport hacks that will make your life much more easier when travelling.


1. Be Kind

If you ask nicely, most airline personnel will respond accordingly. And you may be lucky to get an upgrade! You just never know this one.


2. Early Bird –

Avoid delays by travelling early in the day. If you are catching an international flight, depending on how busy your local airport gets, try to be at the airport at least 2-3 hours early. If you are catching a local flight in Australia, 1 hour would be sufficient.


3. In Last, Out First –

This hack is pretty obvious. The later you check your bags, the less time you have to wait when picking them back on the arrival at your destination! We know, right!


4. Special Status –

If you want to enjoy the special perks or collect points for your travel then join an airplane credit card or frequent flyer plan. It will help you to collect those points if your always fly with the same airlines which later can be used for the free flights or upgrades or extra luggage.


5. Go Left –

Pick checkpoint to your left, most people tend to go right! As the research shows that most of the people usually turn right when it comes to queuing up for the security check, you do the opposite to save yourself time for a long queues.


6. Bring empty water bottle –

No one is not allowed to carry liquids more than 100ml in the airplane cabin baggage. And if you have to stay at the airport for more than couple of hours, chances are you are going to need water to drink. Buying water at the airports, don’t make sense at all as they are usually ridiculously expensive. Instead bring empty water bottle, once you cleared the security check, you can refill the water.


7. Wi-Fi –

Always check for free wi-fi at the airport. Now, most of the airports will only allow limited amount of Wi- Fi data for use but if you keep setting your time back on your laptop and phone, it will extend your time for the Wi-Fi usage. Simple, yet effective trick.


8. Extra luggage –

In case you are having excess luggage and the check-in person won’t allow you to bring that without paying for it, then, wear the heavy clothing and put on some extra clothes while checking–in. As soon as you pass through the security, you can do a quick outfit change.

Images via Giphy.com