Why you should learn the third language as an international student in Australia?

Why you should learn the third language as an international student in Australia?If you are an international student studying in one of Australia’s finest colleges or universities, you know for sure how much you can accomplish with your hard work.

Today, we want to review another opportunity to grow as a student and as a future professional — learning a third language. Portuguese is in our focus today and we’ll try to figure out whether it’s really so beneficial to go this extra mile towards knowing more than two languages.

1. Participate in volunteer exchange programs

As someone who studies languages for a long time now, you can already know how popular this language is around the globe. Let’s just stop for a second and realize that Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world.

So how is this information beneficial to us? That’s right, it means that there are plenty of international exchange opportunities if you know Portuguese.

So basically, if you take a few essential steps to learn Portuguese today, tomorrow you will be closer to getting on board of popular international exchange programs.

Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and other countries — so many destinations will open up to you.

2. You’ll be a more marketable professional

Another benefit of learning a third language is that it simply helps you avoid tight competition while looking for a job in an international company.

Any professional who is willing to learn more than one language is a golden asset with plenty of opportunities around. So if you invest your time into a third language, you will get yourself another impressive line into your resume to brag about.

More job opportunities mean more chances of getting a higher salary and having more room to grow. Isn’t that what we all look for after college?

3. Your gateway to learning other Romance family languages

English is a part of the West Germanic language family, which makes learning Portuguese a great opportunity to dive into another group of languages with their unique features.

Basically, if you make progress with Portuguese, you will be a few steps closer to learning Spanish or French, which means you’re entering the league of European’s most beautiful languages. After Portuguese, you won’t find language that will be too hard for you.

When you decide to switch a language family or group, you’re making a bold decision to become a more flexible professional. You won’t be tied to your location, you’re becoming truly international.

4. Elevate your travel experience

Why learn a third language - Travelling - Brazil

Learning a third language can be also beneficial for you if you love to travel. And nowadays, it’s quite hard to find a person who is not into new experiences, right?

A person who studies languages always knows how to communicate in international trips without an everyday struggle.

So let’s say you know Portuguese, what are the traveling options that are now open to you?

You can now travel to Spain and enjoy beautiful seaside cities, grab a drink in Porto with the world-renowned Pasteis de Nata. And of course, visit Brazil — the world’s Latin paradise with a unique economy and cultural traditions.

And that’s all with just one additional language that you can learn. Isn’t that the best third language to learn? We believe it is with such a prominent list of traveling opportunities that you get.

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5. Read the world’s literary hidden gems

Portugal, Spain and other countries where people speak the romance language family brought many hidden cultural gems to our world. Like the literature from the authors who tend to stay unknown in the English-speaking world, but still can be honored as a true artist with no doubt.

With that in mind, we’ve got to say that learning more than one language does pay off. Especially, if you’re into new cultural and literary discoveries.

Yeah, after all the reasons we’ve introduced, you may say that one of the core benefits of learning a third language is simply standing out from the crowd.

And hey, that is true. We live in the world of influencers, artists and creative minds. There is no way to survive and accomplish something if you do not stand out.

So you’ve got to ask yourself a simple question: how hard is it to learn another language? It really is not if you choose a good tutor. But as a result, you’re becoming a more recognizable professional and more developed personality. That is gold.

Wrapping things up

So for someone English is their third language, but you already know English and that’s a big platform to build you further learning on. You’re an international student with plenty of opportunities.

While studying in the Australian institutions and getting your professional degree, do not waste your time — learn a third language to elevate your success and up your game as a professional after your graduation.

After all, there is always a higher mountain to climb out there, but you’ve got to start and make a decision to grow.