Backpacks 101: Features That Are Perfect For University Students

You’ll be needing and using a lot of things once you become a university student. Depending on the requirements set by your college and degree, you’ll have to bring an adhesive page marker, notebook, pen, calculator, and laptop. Some would even use a student planner and a flash drive.

You can bring all of these things with ease when you use a backpack during your stay at a university. A backpack is one of the top picks of almost every university student because it helps them stay organized, plus it’s convenient to carry and transport even for extended periods of time. What’s more is that it can help you be on-trend!  But, with the number of backpacks available for university students today, do you know which to choose?

Listed below are some of the features every university student should look for when buying a backpack:

1.  Wide, Padded Straps

You will put a lot of things in your backpack, which means that carrying it around for long periods can cause strain to your neck and back. Fortunately, choosing a backpack that has wide and padded straps can prevent this from happening. These straps will reduce the pressure from your neck and back, allowing you to carry your valuables with ease.

Backpacks with wide and padded straps can also provide added comfort, perfect if your classes will require you to walk from one building to another.

2.  Compartments

As mentioned, you will need to invest in several items to excel and survive college. These items come in different sizes–your pens are small and light, while your notebooks are heavy and bulky. You might even have to carry fragile items, such as your laptop inside your backpack.

To ensure that none of your valuables are damaged as you’re carrying them, look for a backpack that comes with several compartments. The backpack you choose should have compartments for smaller items, such as your pens and keys, and larger items, like your notebooks. The more compartments the backpack has, the better.

Aside from taking care of your essentials, a backpack with several compartments will make it very easy for you to find items the moment you need them. You don’t want to miss out on taking notes during class just because you can’t find your pen inside your backpack, right?

3.  Durable Material

You will be using your backpack for at least four years as you stay in the university. If you don’t want to see yourself buying different backpacks throughout the entire school year, make sure that you invest in a backpack that’s made from a very durable material. Look for canvas and nylon backpacks as these are known to be some of the most durable materials used for apparel.

When buying a durable backpack, don’t hesitate to extend your budget. Although it can be very tempting to buy a cheap backpack, don’t do it as this can usually mean that the product is made from low-quality or substandard materials. Buying this kind of backpack can result in more costs and stress as you’ll have to pay for repairs or replacements throughout the entire school year.

Although a durable backpack is usually expensive, buying this will be a cost-effective investment as this will last for years. A durable backpack will also reduce stress because you don’t have to go back from the start to search and buy a brand new backpack again.

4.  Waterproof Material

Aside from the durability of the material used to make the backpack, you should also check if the material is waterproof or not. This is an important property to look for as this can significantly affect the condition of your valuables the moment you place them inside your backpack.

The weather is usually unpredictable, and using a non-waterproof backpack can compromise the overall quality of your valuables. Your notes will be drenched, and your laptop will be damaged when you place them inside a non-waterproof backpack and, then, heavy rain suddenly pours. This is one of the worst nightmares every college student fears.

5.  Style

College is an important time of your life because this is when you’ll recognize your true self. College will encourage you to show off your personality and reach out to individuals who share your passions and interests. If you want to show off your style and stand out during this phase, consider the style of the backpack you’re going to use.

Backpacks come in different sizes and designs, making them so easy for you to choose one that truly fits your personality. You’ll be more encouraged to use your backpack if it enables you to showcase your unique style!

6.  Other Small But Significant Details

Buying a backpack is an important deal because your comfort and health as a university student depend on the backpack you’re going to buy. Although most backpacks look the same–having several pockets outside and two large straps for the back–these products come in a wide variety and will require you to pay more attention to smaller details.

Before choosing a backpack, spend some time to check other small details, namely:

🎒Zippers: The quality of the zippers is important when choosing a backpack. How the zippers work can affect your convenience and safety as you’re using the backpack.

When buying a backpack, try out the zippers first. Check if you can use them with ease and if the backpack closes and opens using the zippers. It’ll be challenging for you to use your backpack if its zippers suddenly get stuck. This can also put your safety at risk as your valuables can be prone to theft.

🎒Hidden Pockets: If you want to have peace of mind every time you carry around your car keys, wallet, and smartphone, look for a backpack that comes with hidden pockets. These compartments will keep you safe from the prying eyes of pickpockets.

🎒Side Pockets: Getting your umbrella or tumbler out from your backpack can be very stressful. You’ll have to open the main zipper of your backpack before you can protect yourself from heavy rains or quench your thirst.

You can save yourself from the hassle by finding a backpack with side pockets. With this property, you can easily get your umbrella, tumbler, and other items without having to open the main zipper of your backpack.

Start Your Search Early

Now that you know what to look for in a backpack, start searching for retailers that sell this product. Compare at least three retailers so you can determine which among these offers high-quality backpacks at an affordable price.