6 important tips to help you get through the flu

Flu season is upon us and as an International Student by yourself in Australia, it is very important to look after yourself. There may be a chance that you get caught out with the Flu. In case you do fall in sick with that, here we are bringing some tips that might help to recover from it.

1. Flu Shot

Get yourself a Flu Shot before you get sick (the obvious start) – The first one is so obvious but not every international student think that it is important to get a Flu shot. Some students think that it is an expensive to get a Flu shot but most of the students don’t know that OSHC insurance might cover the cost of the Flu shot but even if it is not covered the cost of Flu shot is usually around $20 to $40 which is much better than getting sick and missing out on your study, work and life.

 2. Fluids

Drink lots of Fluids like juices, water and keep yourself hydrated – Dehydration due to Flu , cough and cold is the common problem. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated if you catch the flu. Make yourself friends with water, juices, vitamin drinks and fluids to help yourself keep going. If your urine is dark in colour, you need to drink more water. At least drink 1 glass of water per hour while you are awake.

 3. Get Rest 

Plenty of sleep and a good rest is the most important thing to cure your flu. Sleeping of 7 to 8 hours in the night and some more during the day time. Also, try to avoid using phones, watching TV and computers. Avoid going to work or school as you may even pass the virus to the others.

 4. Steam 

Steam does help to decongest your mucus and in reducing the inflammation. You can buy yourself a steamer or if that sounds expensive than, just fill the bathroom sink in a hot steamy water, add 1 tablespoon of menthol rub and breathe in the steam. This will help in opening up the congested chest, nose and airways.

 5. Eat well 

It is recommended to eat well and healthy during the flu time. Don’t starve yourself and don’t eat too much either. A balanced diet of porridge, soups and light foods will help to control the virus in the body. Avoid greasy, fried, spicy and outside food and try go light on your tummy. Also increase the intake of green vegetables, mushrooms, onions and berries.

 6. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is linked to our immunity. Add an extra dose of Vitamin C in your diet, whether in form of liquids or tablets or fruits. Lemons, oranges and limes, the citrus fruits are good, but lemons are actually the best source. You can also use supplements to increase the Vitamin C diet for your body.

 What are your tips for getting over the Flu? Leave your comments below.

Images via: Giphy.com