7 Aussie ways to celebrate the Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January each year.

Its historical background dates back to 1788 as a commemoration of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 British convict ships at Port Jackson NSW.

Now a days, it is celebrated as a day where we reflect on the history, its highs and its lows.

There is a campaign to change the date to another day in the year as it is marked as an Invasion Day for the aboriginal culture in Australia.

While we don’t know when and if this will happen, here are some ways you can celebrate this public holiday with your friends and family.

1. Go to beach

Australians love going to the beach and one of the favourite activity for many Australians is heading toward the beach to catch some cool waves and enjoy with friends on Australia Day.

2. Have a Barbie

Invite some friends over and organise a typical Australian style BBQ or barbecue. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can also enjoy a meat-free BBQ as well. You can head to a local park or do it in your own backyard. Want to know some BBQ etiquette? Check our popular article on that here.

3. Play cricket

Summer means Cricket in Australia. Even if you are not familiar with this sport, you can join to play it with locals and they will be happy to explain the rules. Don’t be shy in asking to join if you see locals playing it. Common places to play includes beach, backyard & local parks on the day.

4. Try Aussie treats

Have you heard about Pavalova, Lamingtons, Vanilla slice, TimTams? No! Try them out. Treat yourself to some Aussie deserts. And if you are person, who like to stay indoors, then catching up on some Aussie flicks like The Castle, Mad Mex, Crocodile Dundee and Muriel’s Wedding is a must.

5. Buy the merchandise

You can buy plenty of True Blue merchandise from local businesses. You can even head to local supermarket to pick some merchandise as well. Want to go extreme with it? Get your face tattooed and show your support for the day.

6. Attend local activities

Some local governments organise activities like morning breakfast, concert, local tour and parties. Check the local council website to see what’s happening in you local area.

7. See fireworks

Local governments also organise fireworks for the residents during the evening on Australia Day. Check your local state or territories planned fireworks and make bookings, if required. Keep in mind, there are different restrictions at the moment in many states and territories.

So, how are you planning to celebrate Australia Day?