How to get a scholarship for your Australian study?

Did you know that your tuition fees, health cover (OSHC), airfares and living expenses can be paid as a scholarships if you are eligible to apply? It’s not a dream but a reality that many students who apply for studying in Australia live.

In 2018 itself, Australian government has given scholarships worth $320 million to students coming from over 60 developing countries.

Getting a scholarship is not only rewarding for your career but also helps in paying your expenses which may also mean that you may not have to work and you can focus more on your studies.

But getting a scholarship requires a planning and preparation in advance. Here are some steps that we suggest you to follow if you are interested in scoring a scholarship for your Australian study.

Step 1

Research yourself about the college/ university and look up for scholarships page of the website to find the current available scholarships to the international students. Please make sure to select the criteria that meets international students only as lots of universities will have scholarships for local students only. So filter out all the scholarships that does not meet requirements for international students

Step 2

Check your eligibility. There are many factors that will play an important role when applying for a scholarship. There is also no rule of Thumb that these are the only factors that play role in scoring a scholarship or not. Some of the factors that might impact your eligibility includes:
Your academic record
Your TOEFL or IELTS or PTE scores
Your country of origin
Your financial situation
Area of Study

Step 3

Ask your study agent or Councillor about the possible scholarship in your preferred institution. Most of the students like apply their visa through a registered migration agent or study councillor. It is advisable to ask them before they apply for your offer letter for a particular university or college as most of the institutions like to offer scholarships at that particular point of your application. You can apply for multiple scholarships at the same time, so don’t miss an opportunity there.

Step 4

Look up for Australia Awards website (Australian Government scholarship for the students in need and see if your country has a eligibility for applying for an Australian Government sponsored scholarship. Also look up for the opening and closing dates and how to apply for the scholarship. Make yourself familiar with the Scholarships Policy Handbook. After finding that information, you will need to apply for the scholarship online at: If you can’t submit your application online then you can also submit the application in a hard copy via mail.

Please note: If you apply for the Apply for Australia Award, you will need to return back home after studies and there is no option to apply for work visa or graduate visa after completing your studies.

Step 5

Even if you didn’t get any scholarship at your application or offer letter, don’t be discouraged. Lots of Universities and colleges in Australia also provide scholarships if you do well in the first and the second term of your studies. So make sure to do your best in your studies and find out if your prospective university or institution has such arrangements.

We hope these tips help you in scoring an Australian scholarship for your studies. Let us know in the comments about your experience with the scholarship experience.

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