41 things you probably didn’t know about Australia

41 things you didn't know about Australia

Australia is a country full of surprises. You can be amazed at the people, landscape, animals and everything around you.  We have researched some amazing things that might get you surprised about Australia. Let’s check them out.

  1. Kangaroo and Emu are on Coat of Arms as both animals can only move forward not backwards which is why they were chosen
  2. Australians love eating Kangaroo meat
  3. Australia is one of the most multicultural society in the world
  4. More than 85% of the Australian population live near the coast
  5. Australia’s first police force was made up of well behaved criminals
  6. Australia is almost similar in size to the United States
  7. Canberra, Australia’s capital city, was created as people couldn’t decide whether Melbourne  or Sydney is a capital.
  8. Australia has nearly 3 times more sheeps than people in the country
  9. Australian Alps get more snow than Switzerland

  10. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world
  11. Australia has one of lowest density of population in the world. In Fact, there are only 3 people per square kilometer.
  12. The official name of Australia is Commonwealth of Australia
  13. Australian population is just 25 million people but there are 60 million kangaroos in the country
  14. Mount Augustus in Western Australia is the largest rock on earth rising 715m from the ground level. Although most of the people believe that Uluru is the largest rock in the world but it’s not.
  15. Great barrier reef is world’s largest reef system and it is made up of 2900 different reefs and spreads over 2300 kilometres
  16. You can find over 1,500 species of spiders in Australia and some of them has very dangerous venom
  17. Melbourne has been named as the most liveable city for seven years in row since 2011
  18. Melbourne used to be known as Batmania before it was named as Melbourne
  19. Former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, set the world record of drinking 2.5 pints of beers in 11 seconds.
  20. Ugg boots were originated in Australia and named after the inventor’s wife said they look “Ugg-ly”
  21. Australia has the longest railway track measuring 480 kilometres, longest road measuring 146 kilometres, longest golf course measuring 1.3 million metres and the longest fence covering 5400 kilometres
  22. World’s happiest animal is Quokka’s found in Western Australia 
  23. Australians love playing Poker and is home to 20% of the world’s Pokie machines
  24. Australians have proudly invented Wi-Fi, blackbox, notepad and even selfies
  25. According to the research by University of Sydney, there are 10,685 beaches in Australia
  26. Boomerangs were invented by Aboriginals for hunting animals
  27. 95% of world’s Opals (gemstone) comes from Australia
  28. Australia is ranked 55th in the world for the Internet speed with an average speed of 25.88 Megabits per second (Mbps)
  29. Dutch explorers were the first one to discover Australia in 1600’s. But it was British, Captain James Cook who claimed the island for Britain in 1788
  30. Foster’s Beer brand is not the Australian choice of Beer as Australians prefer other brands
  31. Australia is home to world’s second largest Greek population after Greece
  32. Australia has the highest number of natural world heritage sites
  33. Australia was the second country in the world to give a voting rights to women after New Zealand
  34. Fraser island is the largest sand island in the world
  35. Australia has it’s very own pink lake known as Lake Hillier in Western Australia 

  36. The largest number of camels in the world are not in the middle east but in Australia. It is estimated to be home to 300,000 Feral camels.
  37. Jellyfish is the  biggest threat to human life as it kills more people than sharks, stonefish and crocodiles combined
  38. “Burger King” is known as “Hungry Jack’s” in Australia
  39. In Victoria, there is a mountain named as Mount Disappointment after the explorers found the view very average from the top
  40. In 1975, Australia had a government shutdown and Queen intervened and she fired everyone from the parliament, Australia never has any government shutdown after that
  41. If you are Australian citizen, then you must come to vote, otherwise you will get a fine for a no show

How many of these things did you knew about it already? Let us know in the comments below.

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