10 Work Etiquette that will help you go long way in your job

Australia provides a great opportunity for international students to study and work at the same time which not only helps to earn some extra money but helps in gaining some valuable work experience as well. But, there are some etiquette that must be followed in Australian workplaces. Here are 10 of them:

  1. Always come on time to work. Late comers behaviour is not usually acceptable. But if you are running late, you must inform your manager about it as soon as possible. The same rule applies when attending business meetings.  

2. Shake the hand when you are meeting someone. It is perfectly fine to shake hands with elder people as well. Australians usually prefer firm handshake. 

3. Although, humor generally is part of the workplace culture. Workplace jokes that can be considered as racial, discriminatory an offensive should be avoided at all costs.

4. Respect your boss but treat them equal to yourself. Australian workplaces generally tend to have less rigid organisational structures. Also, treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

5. Keep a minimum distance when talking with your work colleagues. Coming too close can be uncomfortable for your colleagues.

6. Your boss or manager or supervisor might give you minimal directions on how to complete a task. If that’s the case and you are unsure, then you must look for clarification before starting a task.

7. Having a good eye contact while conversation is very important for Australians. So make sure to look into the eyes of the person while talking, otherwise they may think that you are hiding something or not interested in talking.

8. Phone calls, text messages, social media chats can only be done during your break times. These things are usually not welcomed during the working hours. It is a very good idea to keep your phone on silent mode during work.

9. Saying “Please” and “Thank You” is a very common in Australian workplace culture. If someone has helped you in something then they would at least expect you to thank them. Also, if something went wrong then be sure to apologise.

10. If you meet someone for work purpose, they may not give you a business card as it is becoming less common to exchange business cards in Australia. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a business card when meeting someone as the person may not have a business card.

Please note: You can work up to 40 hours per fortnight as per the Department of Home Affairs website.

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