10 Etiquette You Must Follow When Travelling on Public Transport in Australia

When catching public transport in Australia, you must follow some basic etiquettes. Here are 10 of them:

1. Let others exit first

First things first, it is important to let people in the public transport to exit first and then make a move to get in after all of the exiting passengers are out. Before entering in, just check if there is anyone planing to get out of the public transport.

2. Stand in a queue to catch the transport

Always queue up before getting into public transport. People hate queue jumpers and you might even get told off as well.


3. Don’t push others to get in

Very important to know that people don’t push others to get into any public transport in Australia and they also don’t like to be pushed as well. Keep a fair distance from others as well.

4. Don’t talk too loud 

When you get into any public transport in Australia, you will notice that there are not many people talking. Infect most of people don’t like to talk at all. In case you need to talk, you must try your best to keep the volume to the lower levels.

5. Avoid eating food

As tasty and nice it might smell to you,  it is still annoying for lots of people to see and smell your food in the public transport. Avoid eating, especially hot foods in the public transport at all costs.

6. Respect other’s privacy

If there is someone writing a text or doing work or reading a book on the public transport, try not to interfere and look too much into their private matters. You can try to get into conversation with others but if they show little or no interest then better not to talk much. The best policy to follow is MYOB – Mind Your Own Business.

7. Give a seat to the needy

If you see an elderly person, pregnant women, disabled person or anyone you think might need a seat, set an example and stand up to offer them a seat. It is indeed good karma.

8. Don’t litter around

If you decided to bring a bottle of water or you were just slurping on the juice or having a hot coffee on a very cold day then you must always bring along with you all the rubbish and don’t leave it in the transport for someone else to clean after you. There are penalties for littering in public transport as well.

9. Be mindful of personal hygiene

When travelling in public transport, especially in the peak hours, chances are that you will standing close to other passengers, be mindful of your personal hygiene that includes body odour, mouth odour and general cleanliness. Use deodorant, brush your teeth or get yourself some mints, change clothes, socks and take a shower every day. These things are not good only for public transport but better for your own personal hygiene.

10. Pay your fare

Last but not least, pay for your ride. Never travel without a ticket on public transport. Public transport officers will most likely to fine you if you caught without a ticket or not following the right amount of payment.

Images credit: Giphy.com