All about studying in Australia

Australia is not only a beautiful country but it presents many opportunities for the students who are willing to take their life to the next level. Studying in Australia can be a very rewarding experience for the students that is why many overseas students decide to choose Australia as a preferred study destination. Here are some facts about studying in Australia:

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1. Number of overseas students studying in Australia

As per the International Education Data released by the Department of Education and Training, currently, approximately 640,362 international students are studying in Australia. The top five countries from where these international students come from are – China, India, Nepal, Malaysia, and Brazil.

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2. Number of Institutions available for studying

Cricos keeps all the list of the international education providers in Australia. According to our research and the data provided by the Study in Australia website, there are more 1,100 institutions that students can choose from when they decide to study in Australia. You can search these institutions on our super-fast search engine as well.

3. Most popular study destination

After US and UK, Australia is the third most popular destination for international students to study. Although, as per the research by the Times Higher Education, Australia is set to take over UK as the second most popular destinations within a year.

4.Best Student Cities

QS Best student cities rates the world’s top cities for the international student to study. As per the rankings, 7 Australian cities makes it in the Top 100.

Best Student Cities- Australia World Rank
Melbourne 3
Sydney 9
Brisbane 21
Canberra 22
Perth 39
Adelaide 41
Gold Coast 87

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5. Best University Rankings

QS World University Rankings also provides the list of the World’s top universities and 7 Australian universities makes it to the Top 100 as well. Here is the list for Top 7 universities that make it to the list in 2018.


Top Universities – Australia World Rank
The Australian National University (ANU) 20
The University of Melbourne 41
The University of New South Wales (UNSW) 45
The University of Queensland 47
The University of Sydney 50
Monash University 60
The University of Western Australia 93

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6. Number of courses available 

Again, Cricos keeps the records of all the courses available for the international students in Australia. As per the data collected, there are more than 23,000 courses available for overseas students to study in Australia. You can search pretty much all these courses on our super-fast search engine.  

7. Australian Government Scholarships

Australia Awards is an Australian Government’s initiative to help the students from the developing countries and provide them with support for tuition fee, accommodation, airfares, insurance, and other living expenses. So far this year, the Australian Government has already provided $305 million worth of scholarships and financial aid to international students from over 55 developing countries.

8. Safety in Australia

As per the Global Peace Index, Australia is one of the safest and peaceful countries in the world, ranking at 13th in the list of 163 countries.

And here is the Overall summary about studying in Australia


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