11 Accommodation Options for International Students in Australia

11 Accommodation Options for International Students in Australia

Australia is one of the top most study abroad destinations worldwide. The country provides quality education, post-study work opportunities, friendly culture, and exotic locations, thus, making millions of international students aspire to study here.

However, settling in a faraway place can be pretty challenging in the first few months. On this note, you must be wondering about all the options available for your accommodation in the country!

To give you a sigh of relief, there are plenty of student housing options in Australia! Check out this article to learn about all 11 student accommodation options for international students in Australia, so you can select the one that meet your needs!

Residential College

Cost: $110 to $280 per week

In Australia, a residential college is an on-campus accommodation near or sometimes inside a university. Thus, eliminating the burden of commuting long distances to reach university and making the overall experience of your university life safe and convenient.

In this type of accommodation, both the students and the staff reside together. Moreover, residential colleges offer you various services, such as food, laundry, cleaning, etc., so that you can comfortably study and spend your time in the country.

Another benefit of choosing this accommodation is to experience on-campus living, which comes with many perks. It is especially recommended for first-year students to get acquainted with the university culture and bond with other students. Besides, you can even access the Wi-Fi, library, and study room anytime while staying there!


Cost: $235 to $325 per week

Homestay is perfect for international students who have never travelled or stayed alone in a foreign location. It provides the home-like comfort many students crave after arriving in Australia.

Moreover, it is perfect for closely observing and integrating into Australian culture. You can learn about the local way of life, participate in community events, and improve your English.

A homestay program will provide you with a well-furnished room and take care of all your needs, such as food, laundry, and cleaning. Moreover, the cost of utilities is included in the rent; thus, you don’t have to fret over paying separate bills. However, the cost of the homestay varies depending on the room type and whether it is shared or single.

Generally, overseas students choose homestays for 1-2 months, and later, they shift into private accommodation near their universities. Nevertheless, you can stay for a bit longer, like the whole year, if you wish to.

Halls of Residence

Cost: $320 to $1000 per Month

In Australia, halls of residence are owned by the educational institution or in partnership with a private company. These huge buildings with furnished rooms house over a hundred students and are usually located on the campus or close to it. Thus, making it easier for students to commute safely and quickly to the university.

In these residence halls, students share amenities–such as a study space, a kitchen, and sometimes even a bathroom. Moreover, you don’t have to pay bills separately as the utility cost includes the rent.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

Cost: $200 to $500 per week

PBSA is one of Australia’s most popular off-campus accommodation options. These are alternatives to residence halls constructed by private developers near universities.

Although each student will get a fully furnished room, they will have to share the kitchen and bathroom with others. Moreover, they also provide impressive amenities like a gym, TV room, game room, etc. These places can be both self-catered or catered, and the cost of utilities is included in the rent.

student accommodation option for international students in australia - private rental

Private Rental

Cost: Rental: $165 to $500 per week; Shared Rental: $95 to $215 per week

In Australia, private rentals are generally referred to as renting an apartment. You can choose to rent together with other students or can stay alone. However, these are one of the costliest accommodation options, so you should consider renting an apartment with your friends, not alone!

Private rentals are usually suitable for students who want to live independently without the rules and regulations–which is not the case in on-campus living. Moreover, this accommodation is self-catered, and the cost of utilities may or may not be present in the rent. That means you might have to pay separate monthly bills for electricity, gas, etc.

You can even take assistance from your university to provide you with a list of verified landlords and letting agents. Remember, you must go through the entire tenancy agreement before signing it. It will help you become aware of your rights as a tenant and allow you to make changes in the document if you find something irrelevant.

Hostel Accommodation

Cost: $90 to $150 per week

Hostels are an incredibly affordable accommodation option, generally picked by international students pursuing short courses in Australia. Besides, international students also prefer to stay in these hostels–usually for a concise duration–until they find permanent accommodation in the country.

There are two types of hostels available in Australia:

  • Classic Hostels: These are renowned for providing high-quality accommodation services. Students get well-furnished rooms and access to shared facilities, such as a kitchen, lounge area, etc. Moreover, within this category, you can find different ranges of services like excellent, good, or average!
  • Backpacker Hostels: You will find a vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere here. Depending on your budget, either you can go for the exclusive services package that includes complimentary breakfast, airport pickups, etc., or you can stick with the basic services package.

Boarding House

Cost: $100 to $250 per week

In Australia, a boarding house is a type of residential accommodation where international students can rent a single room or a sleeping spot in a shared room in a house. They are affordable and can be rented for both the short and long term.

Each tenant has a separate lease agreement with the landlord but shares facilities like a bathroom, kitchen, etc. Moreover, you might avail of services like laundry and cleaning, so you have to check with your landlord.

Rooming House

Cost: $100 to $250 per week

Generally, people think of boarding houses and rooming houses as the same, but they are not entirely similar. Both establishments are multi-tenant where rooms are rented out individually but have joint facilities like bathroom and kitchen.

However, one main difference is that rooming houses only provide rental of rooms. In contrast, boarding houses offer both lodging and meal services, and sometimes, additional facilities like laundry and maid service.

A rooming house is one of the low-cost accommodation options provided and owned by landlords in Australia, where you can rent a room on a temporary or long-term basis.

Staying with Your Relatives or Friends

Cost: Free or as per your agreement with family or friends

When we move abroad, we always check if anyone in our family or friends is already living there. Well, it will be icing on the cake if you are fortunate enough to have someone in your social circle residing in Australia who wouldn’t mind you shifting with them.

Besides having a home away from home, you will enjoy a few other perks of living with your friends or family in Australia, such as:

  • They can help you better adjust to the new environment by making you acquainted with the city, its culture, people, nearby places, etc.
  • You will have a home-like comfort, enjoy home-cooked meals, spend your time with familiar faces, etc.
  • If you have close relative or friend living in Australia, then sometimes, you can even enjoy a completely free accommodation.

Working as an Au Pair for Accommodation

Cost: Usually Free

An au pair is a person, generally a female, from a foreign country who works and lives with a host family. They are responsible for childcare and some housework, and in return, they get food, accommodation, and a monthly stipend.

Most Australian families need support to care for their children, so they hire nannies or au pairs for the job. If you have previous childcare experience, then it will be an excellent opportunity to secure free accommodation and earn some money while studying in Australia. However, you must ensure your working hours do not collide with your university schedule.

Crisis & Emergency Accommodation

Cost: Usually Free

Crisis & emergency accommodation aims to remove people dealing with a harmful environment or situation like homelessness (or at risk of it), domestic violence, etc. and place them in a safe and secure environment.

While in Australia, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you can contact the nearest crisis center, and their staff will help arrange emergency or crisis accommodation for you.

One of the most popular resources to find these service is Ask Izzy


Living as an international student in an exotic location like Australia is nothing less than an exciting adventure. On top of that, finding suitable and safe lodging can make your entire stay more wholesome in the country!

Also, before you begin your academic journey in the country, you must plan your accommodation on time to avoid the struggle of finding the right student home at the eleventh hour. This approach will save you from high rents and housing scams as well.

So whether you are looking for student accommodation in Sydney or student accommodation in Perth, book the property as soon as you know which university in Australia you will be attending!

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