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Quick facts about Hobart

📍 State


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🌆 Area

1696 km2

👪 Population


🌥 Climate


👋 Welcome to Hobart

Australia’s second oldest city, Hobart, has not only the nature as its advantage, but affordable high standards of lifestyle with fees much lower than the other capital cities make it a very attractive study option

Here is a student guide about study in Hobart. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Reasons to Study in Hobart

🏆 Regional City

Hobart is considered as a regional city of Australia by Australian government which gives you extra bonus point for studying and staying here.

💰 Affordable

Standard of living in Hobart is high but the cost of food, transport, accommodation and other health amenities are much lower compared to the other capital cities in Australia.

🌳 Natural Paradise

With beautiful beaches, lovely mountains and shining lakes, Hobart has lot to offer for the nature lovers. You will get the cleanest air and purest water here.

🏅 Scholarships

University of Tasmania provides lots of scholarships for international students studying in Tasmania and fees are much lower compared to other universities.

📄 Range of Courses

One of the oldest universities in Australia, University of Tasmania, has a huge range of courses which students can choose from. You name it and they have it.

🎨 Australian Culture

Less number of international students in Hobart means there will be more authentic Australian experience for students studying here. It helps to build English language skills and make local friends.

ūüí° Did you know?

After Hobart’s ports, the next stop is Antarctica as it is one of the most southerly ports.

Universities and Vocational Education in Hobart

🏛 Universities in Hobart

Here is a list of Hobart based universities in Australia:

University of Tasmania

Hobart and Tasmania’s only university is University of Tasmania. 1 in 5 students studying in Hobart are overseas students. University of Tasmania features some of Australia’s best courses in the fields of naval architecture, Antarctic science and maritime technology management.

✍ TAFE and other education providers

TasTafe also provides various vocational programs to the overseas students in Hobart. There are few other private RTOs and English providers in Hobart.

Monthly Cost of Living in Hobart

🏠 Rent


🍔 Food


🚌 Transport


🔌 Utilities


🎉 Others


💵 Total


⚠ Disclaimer

The prices are expressed in Australian Dollars for each month. The figures are for single student in a shared living setting. The figures are gathered from various sources, talking with students, our team experiences and provide general guidelines. The cost of living in Hobart can vary based on your lifestyle, type of accommodation, personal choice and many other factors.

Transport in Hobart

📌 How to get to city from Hobart airport?

Hobart International Airport is situated 23 kms from the city centre. It is the largest airport in the Tasmanian island.

The cheapest way to get to the city centre from Hobart airport is by catching a Skybus service. It costs $19 each for an adult ticket and takes around 30 minutes to reach city,

There is no public transport bus or other service that you can catch from Hobart airport. 

If you are in a rush, then hiring a taxi or ride sharing service like Uber etc.

🚌 Public Transport

Buses are the common mode of public transport in Hobart. You can pay for your fare by cash or using a Greencard. We suggest you get a Greencard as fares are 20% cheaper with the card. 

You can buy the card from Metro shops, agents, online or by calling them. You should tap on when getting on the bus but you don’t need to tap off when getting off. Average weekly cost can be around $15 to $20 depending on how much public transport you use. It costs $5 to buy the Greencard.

🚖 Other Transport & Concessions

You are entitled to student concession when studying in Hobart as an overseas student.

Like most of the other Australian cities, riding a bike is popular among the students in Hobart. Walking is another popular way of getting around the city area in Hobart.

ūüí° Did you know?

The Tasmanian Devil, found only in Tasmania is the largest carnivorous marsupial.

Key Events During The Year in Hobart

🎾 January

Hobart International Tennis Cup

Hobart International is a tennis tournament exclusively for women, held at Hobart International Tennis Centre, and is a run up to Australian Open as part of the series.

🚤 February

Australian Wooden Boat Festival

The Australian maritime culture is the focus of the Wooden boat festival, where hundreds of wooden boats sail, and the festival goers learn to build a boat in a jiffy.

🎭 March

10 Days on the Island

This biennial festival is a statewide arts event, where for ten days, the artists from exotic islands all over the world (like Hawaii, East Timor, Ireland and many more) exhibit their art creations.

🎪 October

Royal Hobart Show

The Royal Show exhibits the rural life in Tasmania, with events like livestock contests and wood chopping as popular displays.

🎨 June


The Museum of Old and New Art hosts this annual winter festival. So prep up for art, music, and food to savor at this festival.

Free Things to do in Hobart

🌄 Visit Battery Point

Step back in time with the suburb of Battery point, where you will find the charms of an old English village with sandstone buildings and gardens adorned with lavender and roses, established since 1830.

🗻 Mount Wellington

Located in southeast Tasmania, this summit is top at the list of many first time visitors. Enjoy spectacular views of the entire city from the peak. For the better part of the year it’s snowy, so there might be a limit on how far up you can drive.¬†

🏊 Kingston Beach

Spot dolphins and whales from the shores of this wonderful beach, just 16 km south of the Hobart CBD. Take a dip during warm summer or simply enjoy the vistas during the chilly season.

🎶 Rektango Music Event

Enjoy a wide variety of music genres from funk to disco is this weekly event in Salamanca Art Centre’s courtyard. Courtesy of the musicians themselves, this event is open to everyone from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Friday nights.

✝ Visit Australia‚Äôs Oldest Catholic Church

Witness one of the oldest functioning Catholic churches since the 19th century and its fascinating Early Gothic Revival architecture, highly reminiscent of the medieval English style. Enjoy a little quiet and the beautiful vistas offered through its stained glass inside the church.

🏁 Other places to explore

Apart from the list above, there are many other places to explore and visit in Hobart. Here are some of them:

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
Museum of Old and New Art
Maritime Museum of Tasmania
Mawson's Hut Replica Museum
The Cascade Brewery
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
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