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Quick facts about Sunshine Coast

📍 State


📆 Established


🌆 Area

1633 km2

👪 Population


🌥 Climate

Humid Subtropical

👋 Welcome to Sunshine Coast

Located in South East Queensland, Sunshine Coast is a region that expands over various coastal cities and towns.

Spreading from Caloundra all the way to Brisbane and the north Cooloola section of the great sandy national park, this Coastal region is the ultimate resort destination.

While known for its natural beauty and relaxed vibes, there are plenty of options for students to choose from when deciding to study in Australia.

Here is a student guide about study in Sunshine Coast. We hope you enjoy it

Reasons to Study in Sunshine Coast

🎒 Range of Courses

International students have a vast pool of options to choose from. Institutes range from traditional engineering and medical schools to contemporary business schools, giving students a chance to thrive in their desired fields.

🎧 Modern Facilities

The relatively new campuses in Sunshine Coast are built in a modern and minimal way while keeping the importance of technology in mind. Students flourish with this newly developed equipment and avail the best of education.

🍤 Exotic Food

Since the warm waters surround this region all year long, Sunshine Coast is best known for its fresh seafood variety. Markets are not only overflowing with local delights but wonderful dining spots offer unique experiences as well.

🌳 Cultural Hertiage

Sunshine Coast primarily accommodates kabi kabi people and jinbara people; their traditions and rich culture surround all the region. The multicultural history allows students to interact with unique cultures and explore their histories.

😃 Friendly Enviornment

Sunshine Coast’s institutions are best known for the diversity of their students. Not only is there a strong sense of community, but the friendly environment makes it easier for international students to fit right in.

👓 Tourist Destination

This coastal area is home to beautiful white sand beaches, majestic waterfalls, and surfing spots. Glass house mountains, rainbow beaches, Noosa, and hinterland bridges are just the start of what the Sunshine Coast has on offer.

💡 Did you know?

The glass mountains on Sunshine Coast are supposedly a famous UFO attraction.

Universities and Vocational Education in Sunshine Coast

🏛 Universities in Sunshine Coast

Here is a list of universities in Sunshine Coast:

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC)

University of the Sunshine Coast is public university based in Sunshine Coast. It was formed in 1996 as Sunshine Coast University College but later renamed as the University of Sunshine Coast.

It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various fields to local and international students.

✍ TAFE and other education providers

TAFE Queensland offer many vocational education progams for international students in Sunshine Coast.

There are 4 well-maintained modern campuses located all over the Sunshine Coast; including TAFE Queensland Mooloolaba campus, TAFE Queensland Nambour campus, TAFE Queensland east coast Maroochydore, or TAFE Queensland east coast garden.

There are multiple private education providers offering range of courses to international students in Sunshine Coast.

Transport in Sunshine Coast

📌 How to get to the city from the Sunshine Coast airport?

All flights land directly at the Sunshine Coast airport in friendship avenue, Marcoola. From there on, the fastest way to reach your desired location would be through a taxi.

With Maroochydore just 10km north, you can get there in 8-10 minutes and it will cost you around $25.

However, a ride to Caloundra can take up to 23 minutes. Since the airport is at least 90 km north of Brisbane, getting there can take up to 30 minutes.

Prices may change based on where you’re going, but Uber and shuttle buses are available too.

🚌 Public Transport

Buses are the most common way of getting around in Sunshine Coast.

You can also catch a train to travel around other parts of Queensland from Sunshine Coast.  

You will need a Go card in order to access public transportation. You can get it from local retailers, post offices etc.

The average cost of travelling in the Sunshine Coast can vary with Go card you can travel unlimited around Sunshine Coast for just $10 a day.

🚖 Other Transport & Concessions

Even though the bike paths are not well-connected on the Sunshine Coast, you can always take a ride around the coastal highway.

Also, taxis, rental cars, trains, rideshare, and car services such as Uber are also widely available.

Only overseas students studying in Queensland are usually eligible for concessions on public transport.

💡 Did you know?

Sunshine Coast is not only the fifth most populated area in Queensland, but it takes ninth place in all of Australia.

Key Events During The Year in Sunshine Coast

📆 July

The Curated Plate Culinary Festival

This original food festival takes place over the course of 10 days in Sunshine Coast and celebrates local produce, producers, and chefs all over the coast and hinterland. The curated plate culinary festival is a culturally rich experience with delicious food and lifelong memories.

📆 August

Gympie Music Festival

Sunshine Coast hosts a vast number of events all year long but their music festivals come out on top. Gympie music muster is a well-known fest that takes place over the course of 4 days, shifts venues and allows various artists to showcase their talent. It is not only a chance to enjoy wonderful music but it is the best camping experience as well.

📆 September

Horizon Art Festival

Horizon art festival is a must-attend festival taking place in August and September. If you want to feel a strong sense of community and thrive within the culture then art shows are the best option. Not only does the Horizon art festival focus on improving the ecology of the Sunshine Coast but they also want to spread the beautiful culture of kabi kabi and jinbara people through art.

📆 December

Christmas twilight trains

Starting at Gympie station, Christmas twilight trains take you on an enchanting journey on the Mary Valley rattler. You can enjoy this rare experience at night and make some everlasting memories with your friends or family.

📆 November

Noosa Triathlon

This iconic sports event is not only a great opportunity for professional athletes but it is a fun activity for locals too. Noosa Triathlon is a 5-day multi-sport festival filled with uninterrupted entertainment for participants and viewers alike.

Free Things to do in Sunshine Coast

🌴 National Parks

With 7 locations, the Sunshine Coast is also famous for its collection of national parks. You can enjoy time in nature, learn the history of island life, and explore the wilderness. Some of the best options are Noosa national park, the great sandy national park, and Mooloolaba river national park.

📷 Mount Climbing

The hills surrounding Sunshine Coast are perfect for bush walking. They are not as tiresome as one might think. Where beginners can climb glass-high mountains and enjoy the breathtaking sight, expert hikers can test their limits on Mount Tibrogargan.

🌳 Botanic Garden

Not all botanic gardens are free but the Maroochy regional bushland botanic garden and Noosa botanic garden are two of the most well-maintained gardens that allow people to visit for free. You can walk the tracks, spend some time around exotic native plants, visit their art & ecology centres, and even see the sculpture garden.

🤽 Sunshine Coast Beaches

The coastal region is known for its meandering beaches. From Mooloolaba beach, Noosa head main beach and kings beach to the coloured sands of the rainbow beach, these are great options for locals and tourists alike. You can surf on the waves, build sand castles, and even go for a tan in the sunshine

⛪ Hinterland Villages

A simple walk around hinterland villages is more fun than it sounds. You can take in the coast and enjoy the divine views of Blackhall range or go for a Mary Valley drive and explore the rural hinterland. Camping is always an option and watching sunrise/ sunset during this time is always a plus.

🏁 Other places to explore

Apart from the list above, there are many other places to explore and visit in Sunshine Coast. Here are some of them:

Point Cartwright lighthouse
The ginger factory
Edmundi markets
Buderim forest park
Hastings street
Amaze world
The big pelican
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