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Why Study in Australia?

Top 10 reasons to study in Australia as an international student.

why study in australia - osa

1. Beautiful Country

First obvious reason is that Australia is a beautiful country and its natural landscape, sunshine, beaches appeals to everyone in the world including international students.

While studying in Australia, you can get to travel to this amazing country and experience its world class cities and natural attractions. There is so much to see and do that your bucket list will never be empty.


2. World Class Education

International students choose Australia to study due its quality institutions that adds lots of value in their and help them to prepare for launching their career in any part of the world. These world class institutions attract top professors and teachers and offer courses that meet the demands of the changing economy, lifestyle and technology. 

There are also plenty of courses available for international students to choose from. You name it and Australian institutions has that course for you. Australia institutions are also known for producing talented and workforce ready graduates.


3. Multicultural

25% of the Australian population is born overseas. Making Australia as one of the most multicultural countries in the world. When studying in Australia, you will get to meet people from different nationalities, religions and backgrounds. 

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and people are generally welcoming for the new migrants to the country.  Australians are very sociable, open and easy going so it is quite easy to make new friends easily.


4. Global Recognition

Australian education is regarded as one of the most prestigious in the world. The qualifications attained in Australia is recognised worldwide. Lots of overseas employers and institutions highly regarded Australian qualifications.

Also, since the introduction of ESOS ACT (Education Services for Overseas Students), every institution needs to meet strict standards and requirements to deliver educational services to the international students.

All the qualifications delivered in Australia are under one national system – AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework). So it is much easier, if you decide to move to the next levels of education in Australia from schools to vocational education programs to university degrees.


5. Innovations

Australia is known for its world recognised and life-changing innovations like WiFi, blackbox, penicillin and more. International Students who are planning to study in Australia can utilise countries innovative approach and technological resources.

Australian universities are known for their research work in areas such as science, technology, education, arts etc. It makes Australia such an attractive destination for students planning to do their research work by themselves or through the coursework.


6. Scholarships

Australian government and institutions provide a number of scholarships to international students for helping them to study in Australia. While the value of scholarships vary based on many factors, many international students are eligible to apply them before applying for their student visa. 

Australian government’s scholarship, Australia Awards, help students from developing nations to study in Australia for Free. So when they return back home, they can serve their countries with the knowledge they received while studying in Australia.


7.World Class Cities

Australian cities are well known for their livability and culture around the world. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane consistently ranks in the world’s most liveable cities. 

Apart from the livability, Australian cities offer unique experience to any shopper, art lover, culture enthusiast and nature junkee.


8. Working while studying

Australia provides international students an opportunity to work 40 hours per fortnight that makes it a very attractive option for study. Apart from working part time during the study period, overseas students are allowed to work full time during the official school holidays. 

It not only helps students to cover the living expenses but some students can save up to pay part of their university fees. International students are usually also eligible to apply for post study work visas after completing their degrees in Australia. 


9. Attractive Migration Program

While the primary aim of the student visa is to genuinely come to study in Australia, many international students become eligible to apply for Australian Permanent Residence (PR) after their studies. 

It makes studying in Australia even more attractive for international students as many students enjoy the Australian culture, work style, quality of life and laid back lifestyle.


10.Simple Visa Process

Since 2016, Australian immigration has made a process for applying for a student visa much easier by introducing Simplified Student Visa Framework. This new process brought the number of student visa subclasses from 8 to 2 and make the process of applying for a student visa easier by helping students and guardians to apply the visa online.

This change means that the genuine students can apply for a student visa in an easy manner, help to reduce red tape and deliver a more targeted approach to immigration integrity.

Infographic on Why Study in Australia

Infographic - Why study in Australia
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