There are variety of Public transport services like train, tram, buses and ferries that are available in Australia.  Cost of the each service will vary in each city and the type of transport services you are using. Each state and territory has its own transport network authority and they are responsible for managing the public transport system in  their state.

You need to check if student concessions are available for the public transport in your city to avoid any penalties


In Australia, overseas students are usually allowed to drive on their home country licence. You might need to check also with local road authority office to confirm it.  Australians drive on the left side of the road with majority of cars having a steering on right hand side.

Also, there are strict laws about driving and penalties are really high so make sure to follow the local road rules when driving in Australia.

Travelling Interstate

As Australia is a huge country, most of the travellers prefer to use airline services when they travel interstate. You don’t need to carry passport when travelling interstate, however you should always carry some sort of ID like Driving licence, Working with Children Check etc. There are mainly 4 airlines that you can use when travelling interstate:

  • Qantas
  • Jetstar
  • Virgin Australia
  • Tiger

Taxi and Ride Share

There are plenty of Taxis and other ride sharing services like Uber, Taxify, Ola are readily available. Lots of stuent slike to use the ride sharing services than taxis as they are much cheaper option to travel.


Australian cities are also famous for easy travel access for bikes. If you like riding bicycles than Australia is a great place for you. It is not only cheaper but much healthier option to travel as well.