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List of COVID-19 Support Packages for international students

International students are struggling to keep up with the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

In this page, you will be able to find the help available for international students in Australia.  

International students support in Australia

COVID-19 Disaster Payment

COVID-19 Disaster Payment

Upto $750 if you’re unable to earn income due to a COVID-19 lockdown, hotspot or period of restricted movement as enforced by a state public health order.

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are an Australian resident or hold an eligible working visa 
  • You’re 17 years or older
  • You can’t attend work and have lost income
  • You don’t have access to appropriate paid leave entitlements through your employer
  • Not getting an income support payment including:
    • ABSTUDY Living Allowance, Dad and Partner Pay or Parental Leave Pay
    • The Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment
    • A state or territory pandemic payment or a state small business payment for the same period
  • Live in, work from or have visited a Commonwealth-declared COVID-19 hotspot, or location subject to a state or territory restricted movement order

To apply for the payment click the arrow button below

Covid-19 Tips

Hand Wash

Wash your hands regularly


If feeling unwell, get tested

Social Distance 2m

When outside, keep your distance

Work From home

Work from home if you can


Look for support channels

Apps Covid

Download official government apps


International Students Emergency Relief Fund

International students studying in Victoria who are facing a hardship in COVID-19 can be eligible to get a payment of up to $1,100 .

Rent-relief Grant Program

Rental relief grants of up to $3000 are now available for eligible international students whose income has been imoacetd due to COVID-19.

Working for Victoria Program

$500 million fund which help job seekers in Victoria to find a job. International students are eligible to apply for this program.

Utility Relief Grant Scheme

The grant provides help to pay a mains electricity, gas or water bill that is overdue due to a temporary financial crisis.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment

Victorian workers can apply for a $450 while they self-isolate to wait for the COVID-19 test results.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

A $1500 payment for those who have been ordered into self-isolation and have no sick-leave entitlement.

Foodbank International Student Pop-Up Store

International students who are struggling to pay for their food and groceries can access free and healthy food via this new pop-up grocery store.

List of Community support and food relief in Victoria

Study Melbourne has complied the list of all community support and food relief organisations for international students in need of food, shelter and other support.

University Support Packages

Monash University

Monash University has announced a $15 million Student Compassionate and Hardship Package for students suffering financial hardship due to COVID-19.

In this package, eligible students can apply for up to $7500 in grants. You can find more details about the package here

La Trobe University

La Trobe University has launched a $550,000 COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program for the onshore students who are struggling during this crisis.

All students studying on-shore at La Trobe University can apply for these payments:

  • Crisis Support Bursary one-off payment of $3,000 to support students suffering from significant financial crisis or housing insecurity.
  • Technology Bursary designed to help you get essential equipment to enable you to continue your studies

For more information head to this page

Swinburne University

Swinburne University has set up a Swinburne Student Emergency Funds where students can get a one-off payments of up to $1000 if they are impacted by this health pandemic. For eligibility and application you can check this page.

RMIT University

RMIT’s has set up a Student Hardship Assistance and Equity Scholarship funds to support in total up to $10 million for students impacted by COVID-19.

Students can apply for two types of grants:

1. Emergency Financial Grant

For students who are impacted by job loss, housing insecurity or other financial matters associated with COVID-19.

2. Technology Grant

For students who need access to essential IT equipment to continue studying remotely, including hardware, software, subscriptions, data, internet and digital materials for up to $1,000.

For detailed information, check here.

Victoria University

Victoria Universities COVID-19 Student Support Fund has been set up to provide students with three options for one-off grants:

  • Emergency financial grant for students impacted by self-isolation/quarantine requirements or job losses up to the value of $100.
  • Technology grant to support students in pursuing studies that have transitioned to digital platforms up to the value of $100.
  • Crisis housing support for rental assistance grants up to the value of $500.

Further information head to this page

Deakin University

Deakin University has developed a support response to the COVID-19 for the students struggling in this time frame by committing $25 million. Deakin Financial Assistance has been set up to provide both financial and non-financial support.

You can find more details about the program after signing from this link.

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne has launched two support programs for the students impacted by COVID-19. These support programs are known as COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund and COVID-19 Student Support Fund.

The maximum benefit of these support programs are limited to the amount $7,500. For more information visit this page.

Federation University

Federation University has developed a Coronavirus Special Assistance Scheme for the students covering:

  • Weekly assistance of up to $300 each (for up to five weeks)
  • Funding for computer and/or technology assistance for students who are unable to study remotely
  • FedLiving accommodation assistance
  • Student Tuition Fee due-date extensions

For further information, check here

New South Wales

Short-term Emergency Accommodation

Up to 20 weeks of free accommodation for vulnerable international students during COVID-19 pandemic

Emergency Food Hampers

NSW Government is working with Foodbank NSW & ACT to provide thousands of emergency food hampers to international students across the State.

My Legal Mate App

50,000 downloads of My Legal Mate app for international students to understand their legal rights and can help protect themselves during COVID-19.

List of emergency food relief in NSW

Study NSW has complied the list of all community support and food relief organisations for international students in need of  emergency food

University Support Packages

Charles Sturt University

COVID-19 Student Support Grant has been set up by the Charles Sturt University for the students to the maximum amount of $500.

More details are on this page

Macquarie University

MQ Student Success Support package has been launched by Macquarie University which includes:

  • Options to delay payment or borrow back some of your fees for the current session (including SSAF)
  • Emergency support vouchers of up to $250 for urgent essentials
  • Grants and interest free loans of $2000
  • More flexible payment plans

More details are here

University of New South Wales

Financial Support Package is available to the students studying at UNSW which includes:

  • Emergency Support Payments – $500
  • Emergency E-Vouchers – $200
  • Emergency Grants – up to $2000
  • Interest Free Loans (streamlining and expansion of existing scheme)

Details can be found here

University of Newcastle

University of Newcastle has set up a COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund valued at $1 million. This fund will help students from funding meals, helping pay bills, to assisting with accommodation for those in great need.

The Student Hardship Fund supports students facing hardship through $500 hardship grants and $750 laptop grants.

More details are available here:

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney has a financial assistance available for the students including bursaries, interest free loans, hardship funding support and a tuition fee rebate of up to $4,000.

Find out more details here on this page

University of Wollongong

COVID-19 Financial Assistance Grant Scheme has been launched by University of Wollongong. International Students can apply for this grant from 8th April 2020 which can cover living expenses up to $1,500 and technological support for online studies.

Details on how to apply are given here


International Student Crisis Assistance Package

One-off grants of $500 to eligible international students studying at VET, ELICOS and private colleges in Queensland

Utility Relief Payment

Queensland households will also automatically receive a $200 rebate to help offset household electricity and water cost.

List of Foodbanks and Charities in Gold Coast

Study Gold Coast has complied the list of various charties and food banks to provide help to international students.

University Support Packages

Bond University

Bond University has decided to provide financial aid in the form of a one-off 20% reduction in tuition fees for the May Semester 202.

Details about this changes are available here.

Griffith University

Griffith University has committed $2m to the COVID-19 Student Support Bursary which is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students experiencing severe financial disadvantage that is impacting their ability to study online.

For more details check this page.

Queensland University of Technology

The Emergency Student Fund has been set up by the QUT that provides $1,000 to eligible students experiencing financial hardship. Details on the support are available here

University of Southern Queensland

USQ has announced the COVID-19 Student Support Package on 8th April which includes

  • Living expenses support –a one off payment of $500 or a support payment of up to $3000 for eligible students.
  • Technology packs – a single payment of up to $1000 or the provision of a personal computer to eligible students.
  • Learning resource support – a single payment of up to $500 for textbooks or relevant learning resources to eligible students.

More details here.

South Australia

International Student Support Package

South Australian Government has committed $13.8 million support package for international students studying in South Australia. This will include:

  • Matching funding to alleviate student hardship as a result of COVID-19 with all 3 public universities in South Australia
  • A $500 emergency cash grant to other international students not studying at one of the public universities.
  • A one-off $200 COVID-19 assistance payment for school students living with South Australian families.

University Support Packages

University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide has launched a Students Support Package which cover three main aspects:

  • Academic Support
  • Wellbeing Plan
  • Emergency Financial Support

Students can access the financial support for IT Support for remote learning, accommodation for students in crisis and food for students in crisis. Students can also access hardship grants as well.

Check more details here.

University of South Australia

University of South Australia has created the $10m Student Hardship Fund (COVID-19), which is open to all students (including international students) currently enrolled for onshore study at UniSA.

Check the details here

Flinders University

Flinders COVID-19 Student Support Package has been developed for the support of struggling students due to COVID-19. University has committed up to $12.5 million for this package.

The package includes:

  • $1 million in emergency support payments, of up to $500, made available to students through FUSA;
  • A new Matthew Flinders Scholarship program, with scholarships valued up to $2,000, to support the continuation of the studies; and
  • The waiver of the Student Services and Amenities Fee for all students

Check more details on the package here

Western Australia

StudyPerth Crisis Relief

This program is accessible by application from international students in Western Australia who are in immediate, emergency need of food or shelter.

Second Harvest

A low cost food service for people with health, pension or concession card, emergency relief services and op shop.

St. Patrick's Community Support

This program is accessible by application from international students in Western Australia who are in immediate, emergency need of food or shelter.

University Support Packages

Curtin University

Curtin has launched Financial and Housing Support Bursary – COVID-19 to assist students who are in financial hardship as a consequence of COVID-19.

The university has not provided specific details on the bursary but it will made available to the students need. More details are here.  

Edith Cowan University

ECU has put in place a $2 million Student Support Package for the struggling students due to COVID-19 which includes:

  • Access to ECU Support Grants of up to $2,000T
  • Hardship Payment Scheme for payment plan for the semester 1 tuition fee
  • Grocery Grants with a $50 grocery e-vouchers
  • No parking fees
  • IT assistance for online learning at home.
  • No late payment fees for semester one, 2020
  • Reduction in SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee) payment

More details are here.

Murdoch University

Students studying at Murdoch University will have access to a $2 million Student Assistance Fund for student’s ineligible for Commonwealth Government support which includes:

  • University support for the Guild Food Bank.
  • An Essentials Bursary worth $25 per week to reduce food costs for international students.
  • Online learning support, including a Technology Bursary for all students and access to a limited supply of laptops.

More information about the fund here

University of Notre Dame Australia

University has set up a fund, COVID-19 Student Hardship Assistance Fund for the needy students during the global pandemic. Student in need can apply and get an emergency grant to up to $1000.

Check this link for further details. 

University of Western Australia

UWA has developed the COVID-19 Financial Hardship Grant for the students during the COVID-19. Further details on the grant are available to the current students using login from this page.



COVID-19 Rent Relief Fund

 Tenants who are struggling to pay rent due to financial hardship can get support of up to $2,000 or four weeks rent available.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

A $1500 payment for those who have been ordered into self-isolation and have no sick-leave entitlement.

Pandemic Isolation Assistance Grants

A one-off payment to low-income persons of up to $1000 per household required by Public Health to self-isolate due to COVID-19 risk.

University Support Packages

University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania have launched a support program for students including international students. Students studying in university will be able to apply for two types of support programs:

  • Fast Track Safety Net Grant Scheme where students can get a grants of up to $350 for support with living costs and study resources.
  • Safety Net Grant Scheme where students can get a grant of up to $2,000

More information can be found here

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Government Support Package

A partnership between ACT Government, and the ACT Refugee, Asylum Seeker and Humanitarian (RASH) Coordination Committee, the Australian Red Cross and local tertiary institutions. to deliver $450,000 package.

University Support Packages

Australian National University

ANU has committed an additional $1.6 million to provide emergency support to students through ANU Student Association and Post Graduate and Research Student Association.

This is on top of $20 million bursaries announced in early March to help students affected by the travel restrictions from China. 

More information can be found here


Northern Territory

Care Packages

StudyNT in partnership with Northern Territory Government has care packages for international students who are currently in self-isolation.

Worker and Wellbeing Fund

$500 million fund which help job seekers in Victoria to find a job. International students are eligible to apply for this program

Kindness Shake

Free weekly feed – more than 1200 meals have been distributed as part of the Kindness Shake (KS) to international students and the community members

University Support Packages

Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University (CDU) started Emergency Student Relief Appeal with a goal to provide up to $2,000 per student for those who require immediate financial assistance.

More details are here.


Ask Izzy

Whether you want food, housing, clothes or anything else, you can Ask it Easy

Food Banks Australia

Food Banks Australia is the largest food relief organisation in Australia.

Salvation Army

Salvos are known for helping the communities in need for the food and various other needs

Khalsa Aid

They are delivering grocery kits to the people in need around Australia. Students can apply.

St Vincent's (Vinnies)

St Vincent’s provide free hot meals to the people in need at various locations around Australia

Grow Free

Grow Free is a community movement of growing own produce and sharing, exchanging it with others for Free. 


Find a Bed

Find a bed is a great initiative by volunteers to connect people who need a place to sleep to people who are willing to help.

Australian Homestay Network

They offer very affordable accommodation options during the COVID-19 crisis. To help international students, they have also launched ISSN program

Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross helps people in Australia to find a house in difficult times like this.

Salvation Army

If you are in crisis, Salvation Army can help you find a accommodation.

St Vincent's (Vinnies)

Vinnies has arrangements for crisis accommodation for people in desperate needs. 

Tenants Union

Reach out to your states and territories tenant union to find your rights and questions during COVID-19.

Mental Health


myCompass is personalised tool for your self-help for your mental health support. It can also help in dealing with the pressures of study.

Youth Beyond Blue

Information, online and phone counselling for young people 12 to 25 years old, who can contact trained mental health professionals 7 days24 hours.

Lifeline Australia

Lifeline is a crisis support service that provides short-term support at any time for people who are having difficulty coping or staying safe.

Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is a free, private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25 years.


A free service that supports young people aged between 12 and 25 and their families going through a tough time.


ReachOut provides practical tools and support to help young people aged 14–25 years get through everything from everyday issues to tough times.

Australian Government

Study in Australia

Study in Australia is the official Australian Government website for international students. Check the latest updates on the website.

Department of Home Affairs

This is the official government website for latest information regarding visas and Australia’s border arrangements.

Fairwork Australia

If you would like to know about your work rights during COVID-19, then you should check this website for that.


It is a valuable source of support and services to help you work through your financial decisions during this challenging times.

Jobs Hub

Jobs Hub advertises the latest vacancies across Australia, in addition to providing updates and relevant information.

Australian Taxation Office

If you want to know about an early access to super and other taxation matters, then ATO covers these topics.


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