Types of Employment 

There are usually 4 main types of employments you can get engaged in Australia. Although most of the students do work on part-time or casual basis but during holidays you are entitled to work full time so its good to understand all types of employment available in Australia.

  1. Full time – You usually 38 hours perk week. You are entitled to annual leave, sick leave. Your employer need to pay you superannuation and deduct and taxes from your salary and wages.
  2. Part time – You work usually less than 38 hours per week.  You have entitlements and duties like full time but they are calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  3. Casual – Your work hours are not guaranteed and you are entitled to sick annual leave and sick leave. Your employer still takes the taxes from your salary but they will only pay superannuation if you have gross salary of more than $450 per month
  4. Contractor – Your work hours are not guaranteed and you are self-employed. So you are not entitled to any entitlements. You must do your own taxes and your contracting company may not be required to pay your superannuation.