Lots of universities and institutions will have an orientation week, also known as O -Week of the studies where they will explain more about the institution, your studies, providing you with a time table and a student card (which can be useful for many exclusive discounts and offers).

As a newcomer to the country, we highly recommend you to attend the orientation as it helps you to meet other students, administration staff members and understand your own institution better.

Topics usually covered in the Orientation are:

  1. History about the Institution
  2. About your program
  3. Lectures, Tutorial, Practicals and Workshops information
  4. Getting around the Institution
  5. Facilities available for the students
  6. Health and Safety information
  7. Student club and unions information
  8. Free goodies, food and entertainment (may be)
  9. Information about your Student ID
  10. Other topics relevant to study, work and life in Australia