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TAFE NSW Technical and Further Education Commission; TAFE NSW Higher Education

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TAFE stands for Technical And Further Education. NSW stands for New South Wales, a state of Australia. TAFE NSW is part of the vocational education and training (VET) system in Australia. We are the largest education and training provider in Australia. We have: 130 locations throughout the state work-related training courses and intensive English programs 300 approved and accredited courses for international students a safe and friendly multicultural learning environment where you can study and make new friends Why study at TAFE NSW? We're government owned TAFE NSW is a government-owned, government-operated and government-accredited, and therefore, secure, stable, professionally managed and internationally recognised. We offer high quality education We have highly qualified teachers with business and industry experience. You will learn practical, work-related skills with academic theory which will be an excellent preparation for your future career. Our courses are developed by employer and industry experts. You will be studying in modern and spacious locations with the latest technologies. Class sizes are small so you can receive individual attention. We are a higher education provider We are an accredited higher education provider so students can also choose to undertake a degree course at TAFE NSW. We provide pathways to university TAFE NSW Diploma-to-Degree (D2D) programs guarantee successful students entry to our partner Australian universities with credit towards a Bachelor or a Master degree. We have great locations Sydney and New South Wales offer you the best study locations. Sydney was voted the number 1 city in the world by Condé Nast Traveller Magazine 2011 (10th year in a row!). Visit and see for yourself! Qualifications We offer courses that lead to the award of a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree. All courses for international students are nationally recognised. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a national framework that identifies the qualifications that you can gain in schools, vocational education and training, and higher education. A national code number is listed on course information. This number shows that the course has national recognition. AQF qualifications are used throughout Australia have been developed with industry and the community help you move through and between different education levels and systems name and standardise the outcomes achieved in courses Your offer letter states the qualification you will obtain when you complete all course requirements. TAFE NSW's provider code on CRICOS is 00591E. All our courses offered to international students are also registered on CRICOS. Mode of study Our courses are taught using a variety of teaching methods. Most courses are delivered through face-to-face teaching. They can also include: Each location provides simulated workplaces for students to practice their new skills, for example, hair salons or restaurants with commercial kitchens work experience or work placement supervised study time with a teacher To ensure high levels of safety and care, some courses such as Nursing, Aged Care, Children's Services and Community Welfare may require you to undertake a Criminal Record Check (CRC), occupational assessment or screening and vaccination against infectious disease. Anyone in child-related work (including student placements and volunteers) MUST have a current Working with Children Check (students/volunteers free) in line with the Office of Children's Guardian phase-in schedule and processes. Visit the Office of Children's Guardian website for fact sheets and information about exemptions Assessment methods Our courses are assessed in various ways. For example, students must complete class work, assignments, practical components and project work throughout a course. They may then be assessed using a combination of these tasks, continuous assessment and examinations. Assessment outcomes may be based on competency, marks and grades, or a combination of all three assesment methods. You will receive details about how your course is assessed after you enrol.

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Course in Academic Foundation Skills $ 920.0 Certificate I in Basic English Language Skills $ 3400.0 Certificate IV in Sport Development $ 4500.0 Certificate II in Foundation English Language Skills $ 4500.0 Certificate III in Information and Cultural Services (CUL30111) $ 4890.0 Certificate III in Library and Information Services $ 4890.0 Certificate III in Accounts Administration $ 5600.0 Certificate II in Horticulture (AC20410) $ 5735.0 Certificate II in Horticulture $ 5740.0 Certificate II in Agriculture $ 5765.0 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management $ 5770.0 Certificate III in Advanced English for Further Study $ 6120.0 Certificate IV in Advertising $ 6170.0 Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering $ 6240.0 Certificate III in Nutrition and Dietetic Assistance $ 6260.0 Certificate IV in Skills for Career Pathways $ 6370.0 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance $ 6428.0 Certificate II in Music Industry $ 6500.0 Certificate III in Music Industry $ 6695.0 Certificate III in Laboratory Skills $ 6750.0 Certificate II in Routine English Language Skills $ 6800.0 Certificate III in Aquaculture (SFI30111) $ 6950.0 Advanced Diploma of Interpreting $ 6990.0 Diploma of Business (Public Relations) $ 7350.0 Certificate III in Pathways to Further Education $ 7590.0 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Project Management $ 7770.0 Certificate III in Captive Animals $ 8600.0 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security) $ 8780.0 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design $ 9790.0 Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games $ 9800.0 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis $ 10000.0 Diploma of Sport and Recreation Administration $ 10500.0 Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology $ 10950.0 Certificate III in Horse Industry Practise (Horse Peformance) $ 11470.0 Certificate IV in Horticulture (AHC40410) $ 11470.0 Certificate IV in Racing Services (Steward) (RGR40608) $ 11470.0 Certificate III in Theatre and Screen Performance $ 11500.0 Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting $ 11500.0 Diploma of Organic Farming $ 11530.0 Certificate III in Natural Area Restoration $ 11530.0 Certificate III in Horticulture $ 11590.0 Certificate IV in Information Technology Support $ 11600.0 Certificate III in Floristry $ 11740.0 Certificate III in Floristry $ 11740.0 Certificate III in Formwork/Falsework $ 11900.0 Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques $ 11900.0 Diploma of Maritime Operations (Engineer Watchkeeper) $ 12000.0 Certificate III in Agriculture $ 12000.0 Certificate IV in Telecommunications Networks Technology $ 12480.0 Certificate IV in Telecommunications Engineering Technology $ 12480.0 Certificate III in Engineering-Fabrication Trade $ 12700.0 Certificate III in Engineering-Fabrication Trade $ 12700.0 Certificate IV in Agriculture $ 13000.0 Diploma of Database Design and Development $ 13700.0 Certificate IV in Aquaculture $ 13900.0 Diploma of Live Production Design $ 13980.0 Diploma of Arts (Acting) $ 14000.0 Certificate IV in Permaculture $ 14300.0 Diploma of Applied Commerce $ 14900.0 Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing $ 15000.0 Diploma of Organic Farming $ 15210.0 Diploma of Permaculture $ 15600.0 Diploma of Arboriculture $ 15750.0 Diploma of Viticulture $ 18000.0 Diploma of Viticulture $ 18000.0 Advanced Diploma of Applied Enviromental Management $ 18500.0 Diploma of Information Technology $ 18530.0 Graduate Diploma of Building Design $ 18800.0 Diploma of Maritime Operations (Watchkeeper Deck) $ 19000.0 Advanced Diploma of Maritime Operations (Marine Engineering Class 2) $ 19250.0 Diploma of 3D Art and Animation $ 21300.0 Advanced Diploma of Maritime Operations (Marine Engineering Class 1) $ 22300.0 Diploma of Horse Industry Management (Horse Performance) $ 22940.0 Diploma of Arboriculture (AHC50510) $ 22940.0 Diploma of Ceramics $ 23620.0 Diploma of Ceramics $ 23620.0 Diploma of Furniture Design and Technology $ 24000.0 Diploma of Landscape Design $ 24500.0 Diploma of Industrial Design $ 25440.0 Associate Degree of Accounting $ 26000.0 Diploma of Laboratory Technology $ 27000.0 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Design $ 27000.0 Diploma of Laboratory Technology $ 27000.0 Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design $ 27900.0 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Electronics $ 27950.0 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Mechanical $ 27950.0 Diploma of Audiometry $ 30000.0 Diploma of Laboratory Technology $ 31000.0 Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies) $ 32000.0 Bachelor of Applied Finance (Financial Planning) $ 36000.0 Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design $ 38160.0 Associate Degree of Fashion $ 42600.0 Associate Degree of 3D Art and Animation $ 42600.0 Bachelor of Property Valuation $ 44000.0 Bachelor of Applied Commerce $ 44700.0 Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation $ 48000.0 Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth-5) $ 48000.0 Bachelor of Information Technology (Data Infrastructure Engineering) $ 55590.0 Bachelor of Fashion Design $ 62400.0